Landscaping Investment – Increase Property Value But How Much?

Realize the Full Potential Value Of A Properly Installed Landscape

When you think of the word “Landscape” what comes to your mind? Flowers, trees, palms, shrubs, lots of grass a mower or weed eater?

Maybe it’s time to look at landscaping your home differently. Why?

A professionally designed, prepared, installed and maintained landscape using quality plant material is not only a work of art but it is also a property investment. An investment that adds value to any property be it a home, office, hotel or a commercial building.

The benefits of a properly executed landscape plan are:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Social
  • Economic Benefits

The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association did research and compiled the following statistics:

  • Landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14%
  • The sale of a property can increase by as much as six weeks
  • A landscaped patio can raise property value by 12.4%
  • A landscaped curb can increase property value by 4.4% and hedges can add 3.6%

What’s a good landscape budget? By taking 5% of the home value and spending it on a low-maintenance but quality landscape the value of your home can increase in resale value by as much as 15%. Earning you back 150% or more on that landscape budget.
But there is more. When plants are properly selected and placed the results can come in lowering heating and cooling cost by as much as 20%.

Do you see how landscaping can increase the value and safety of your home? However, there are other benefits – environmental.

Environmental Benefits

It’s a know fact that plants improve the quality of our air. Did you know that one tree could remove from the atmosphere around 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year?

When the proper tree is selected, planted and well maintained it can significantly absorb sounds waves and reduce noise pollution by “eating up” unwanted sound.

Erosion and the flow of pollutants and sediment can be reduced to nearby bodies of water when landscape buffers are planted.

Health and Social Benefits

When workers get catch a view of natural surroundings like trees and flowers they suffered less job stress and “felt” more job satisfaction. They also reported fewer headaches and ailments than workers with no outside view or those who could only view contracted items from the office windows.

Overall positive feelings increased, fear and anger was reduced when views of plants were possible.

In inner-city neighborhoods where common areas featured more trees and grass the residents used the spaces. This use provided more opportunities for informal conversation and social interaction.

It came down to neighbors building stronger relationships and bonds with one another simply because of the plant environment and vegetation.

The benefits of landscaping can be maximized when certified professionals are involved in all aspects of the landscape including design, site prep, plant selection, installation and maintenance. Each phase is important to realize the full potential of any landscape project or design plan.

Are you ready to increase the value of your property with landscaping?

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